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 SRF / Superior Friction Reduction.

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PostSubject: SRF / Superior Friction Reduction.   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:08 pm

Hey, My neighbor sells this SRF stuff that has worked pretty well for me. I run it in all my motors and trust it. It's just like V-Max if you know what that is but its a little cheaper. I run spectra through my fuel system and it has smoothed out my idal and it saposed to lube the upper cylinders and valves. Theres also an oil additive that blends with any oil or synthetic. Amsoil on a weight machine will only carry 4 weights. Add an ounce of this shit and it will carry 20. It really helps on the cold starts so, if anyone is interested let me know. 25 for both and thats enough to last you about 2 years of riding. Shit really works.
My engine runs a little cooler now from less friction and I'm getting another 5 miles or soo better to a gallon.
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SRF / Superior Friction Reduction.
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