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 Turn signals aren't required on a bike!

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PostSubject: Turn signals aren't required on a bike!   Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:33 pm

Anyone who's taken the test to get a motorcycly permit has this question. Of these four things which is NOT required on a bike. Horn , Headlight, Tail lite or signals? turn signals aren't required, its in the book ! The only thing the cops could argue about would be the color ! Only red should be visible from behind unless it is amber for a signal and its not illuminated all the time. As well no red should be facing forward on the vehicle. You could argue that truck drivers have different colored lights on the back of their cabs. I.E Green and blue ones I see all the time. The Judge should recognize the pettiness of the tix and could let them go all together pending on how you argue on in this case Plea. Go into court prepared to pay but ask for leaniency of a new rider learning. Say that you bought the bike that way and you didn't know anybetter. You've already fixxed those things, stuff like that. Tell them what they want to hear, feed his ego and get out scott free.
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Turn signals aren't required on a bike!
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