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 Finally getting the hang of wheelies

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PostSubject: Finally getting the hang of wheelies   Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:18 pm

Well i must say.. im super excited about this so i had to make a post..
the past couple times i've been out on the bike, the "scaredness" of letting the throttle rip in first gear while trying to clutch up the front tire has finally kinda gone away..

I've been toying with jus popping the tire up, probly not even that high with the clutch.. but yesturday i was kinda feeling ballsy, decided to let the throttle rip, the front tire came up, stayed up for a short bit while i was accelling, i kinda leaned forward but the feeling was incredible.. i know i wasnt anywhere near the balance point, but.. it felt jus high enough to kinda float there for a sec, i think the higher ones are gonna be comming soon, which means i'd like to find a nice secluded parking lot to start practicing..

what a great feeling, i think i've had a perma-grin on my face ever since it happened
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Finally getting the hang of wheelies
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